Students and their families trust Noble Tutoring and Prep to help them achieve their academic goals. Our mission is to provide personalized, innovative, best-in-class private tutoring, test prep, and services to help students knock down barriers and achieve success in their academic goals.


Through our proven small-group tutoring sessions, students work through homework problems and relate math problems to their own experiences - teaching them the "what" and "why" behind an answer and not just the "how."

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Sessions run on a monthly basis. Drop-ins are available if space is available. Sessions are filled on a first come first served basis. If a session is full and there is at least three students willing, an additional session can be scheduled.

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My son is entering his Junior year of High School and he's been going to Kathy Noble for math tutoring since the beginning of his Freshman year. He was able to go into Pre-AP math by his Sophomore year. His grade has steadily improved and I feel he has much better study habits and is going to be better prepared for college. We definitely plan to stay with Kathy throughout the rest of High School!


Kathy tutored my son for Pre-AP Algebra and SAT test. He said she was amazing - really helped and produced excellent results for him in his tests! Highly recommend Kathy!


Kathy tutored both of my High School age children in Geometry and my son in Algebra 2. Every week they would meet and go over the homework and lots of time work a little ahead so they would be prepared for class. Before every test, they would go over sample questions. Very helpful and gave them confidence to do well in their class!


Kathy is a great tutor. She is the reason my grade in math has gone up to an A. She's very nice and cares very much about your success.


My Freshman year, Mrs. Noble tutored me in Pre-AP Geometry. Before every exam we would work through sample qeustions and she would make sure I felt confident going into the test. We would also just simply go through the weekly assignments to make sure I completely understood the material. By doing these things I felt really prepared and confident in the class throughout the whole year. Also, on the PSAT, some Geometry questions were on there that Mrs. Noble had helped me understand the year prior to taking it. Overall, Mrs. Noble's tutoring helped me in so many ways.