Frequently Asked Questions

Why get tutoring
Tutoring is not only used to help a child who is struggling, but can also be used to help advance skills and provide a deeper understanding of the course content. Regular and consistent tutoring has been shown to increase confidence and test score while decreasing anxiety during the school year and around test time.

Should my child sign-up for group tutoring or private?
Group tutoring is a great choice for just about every student! The sessions are designed to be affordable and focus on the student's specific class (Algebra, Pre-AP Algebra, Geometry etc...). We can accomplish just about the same amount of content and "work" in both Group and Private sessions. Homework, test reviews, projects, misconceptions and specific needs of each student will all be addressed. Group sessions also allow for some collaboration efforts between students which is a great strategy that has been shown to help students to retain content learned on a higher level.

Private tutoring is a good choice for a student who might really be struggling or behind in class and needs extra help to get back on track. Private tutoring is also a great choice for that student that is looking to be challenged beyond the content in class.

Can my child come to a class just when they think they need a little extra help?
Yes! They may come to a Drop In session if there is space available and for an added cost.