Founded by Professor Kathy Noble, Noble Tutoring and Prep is dedicated to helping kids find their inner-math talents thereby giving them confidence to succeed and excel in math classes of any level. Studies show that consistent reinforcement and practice of math concepts that are taught in the classroom results in higher grades and test scores. Through our proven small-group tutoring sessions, students will work through homework problems and relate math problems to their own experiences - teaching them the "what" and "why" behind an answer and not just the "how."


Kathy Noble

Kathy has taught secondary level math classes Algebra 1 through AP Calculus and Statistics in three different school districts for over 18 years. The last six years were spent at Dripping Springs High School where she created and implemented the Engineering classes and the Robotics Club which went on to win UIL awards. After taking time off following the birth of her fourth child, she returned to teaching as an adjunct professor at the University of Texas teaching Math Methods and Science Methods to elementary education students in their 4th and final year.

Kathy graduated from the University of Iowa with a Civil Engineering degree and later returned to Iowa State University for a secondary math certification while taking master-level math coursework. She received a Master of Arts in STEM Education from the University of Texas at Austin on a scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Kathy lives in Dripping Springs with her four kids ranging from 7-23 including a 2nd grader at Sycamore Springs Elementary, a junior at Dripping Springs High School, a senior at Texas Tech University, and a recent graduate of Baylor University. She loves to spend time with her family, play tennis, and aspires to continually invest in the education of young students in her community!"


Kathy Noble founded Noble Tutoring and Prep to fill what she saw as a need for k-12 students: To have ongoing and consistent exposure to math concepts at an affordable price to help them excel in math and in school overall.